Riding Horses on an African Safari
Riding Horses in Africa with Mozambique Horse Safari

African Paradise with Mozambique Horse Safari

Come and share in the epic adventures of Mozambique Horse Safari where the legends of our rescued horses come to life. Open your eyes to a different world, where you will ride the beaches on a sprightly bay, swim in turquoise seas and share in our amazing way of life.

Our horse riding safari takes you on a week-long adventure along the Vilankulo coastline with its long stretches of wide-open beaches, to inland lakes and up red sand dunes with breathtaking views of the Bazaruto Archipelago. A highlight is a dhow trip across to the world famous Benguerra Island to ride its magical white sand beaches where time stands still. You will enjoy incredible weather, stay in luxury accommodation and dine out at top seafood restaurants. It is a personal experience with Pat, Mandy or Charlotte leading each ride; time is spent together with guests in the saddle and over dinner sharing stories and experiences

“I think back to you so often and to this freedom on horseback. The endless expanse, the tides, the rides through the country, the happy reception among the locals – and especially to both of you, who are unbeatable in terms of naturalness and hospitality. It was just beautiful with you!” Gaby H, Germany

Horse Riding in the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

We have 39 horses; the majority being rescued from Zimbabwean farms at the height of political violence and retold in the international best seller One Hundred & Four Horses. In Mozambique we have taken on several other very special horses and recently acquired a herd of 11 young prize winning SA Boerperds. All our riding horses are schooled to a very high level, with calm temperaments that are trained to react easily and lightly to the aids.

“A must for anyone who loves horses and adventure. The landscape is sublime, the horses are extremely well cared for, the food is delicious and the accommodation is sensational. Pat and Mandy go out of their way to ensure everyone has a magical experience. I can’t wait to book it again.” Olivia, UK

Mozambiue Horse Safari is family run, with a strong sense of personal pride taken to ensure our riding and way of life will be a treasured memory. If you dream of cantering along white sand beaches, swimming in blue seas and enjoying the warm hospitality of island life look no further than Mozambique Horse Safari.

Mozambique Horse Safari

Horse Riding Video & CNN documentary

Please have a look at the videos below to get a sense of our history and what it is like to ride with Mozambique Horse Safari on the beaches of Vilankulo & Benguerra Island.

Magical moments

We floated across the golden sands on our majestic steeds, deserted and desolate, no sign of life only the trail of hoof prints we left in our wake, the gentle breeze filling in the slight imperfections we left on the sand, covering our tracks as if we floated on air, maintaining the perception of an untouched paradise. 

Janine / Globetrotting Cowgirl

Horse Volunteer Africa is Mozambique Horse Safari’s equine volunteer project is targeted at gap year students and volunteers looking to work with horses for an extended time, develop their riding skills and discover the culture of Mozambique.

Horse Safari Africa promotes some of the finest owner operated equestrian holidays in Southern Africa. Check out some amazing holidays from the wilderness and ancient history of Zimbabwe to the beautifully rugged shoreline of the Wild Coast in South Africa.

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