Riding Horses on an African Safari
Riding Horses in Africa with Mozambique Horse Safari

Travel Information

Most major international airlines fly into Johannesburg, South Africa and several large airlines now fly directly into Maputo, Mozambique. There are daily direct flights to Vilankulo with www.flyairlink.com & www.lam.co.mz from Johannesburg or Maputo. Flights usually depart mid to late morning and arrive in Vilankulo just after midday. Return flights from Vilankulo depart in the early afternoon. Additionally, Airlink now links the Kruger National Park with the horse riding of Mozambique with connecting flights coming from Nelspruit.

Visas to Mozambique are required for all non-SADC passport holders & are best obtained before arrival to Mozambique by application at your local embassy. However, if necessary you can still get a visa on arrival in Mozambique (priced $45.00 in Sept 2017). * Visa rules and regulation for Mozambique can change so please check with your local embassy before departure.

If you are traveling in transit to Mozambique through South Africa and are a citizen of a non-visa exempt country, you will be required to produce a valid transit visa. If travelling with children (under 18 years of age) please check visa regulations as laws require documentation.* Visa rules and regulation for South Africa can change so please check with your local embassy before departure.

We suggest bringing a universal travel adaptor as there are a variety of sockets depending on where you stay or which countries you are passing through. Vila De Sonhos use the traditional British three prong square plug; other hotels tend to use the Europlug (two prong) and if you are flying through South Africa they use the M Plug. The standard voltage is 220 V.

Wi-Fi is provided at both Vila De Sonhos and the stables, the coverage is generally very good but cannot be compared in reliability and download to speed to 1st world countries.

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